Fabric made from vegetable fibers.

Fibers: Hemp, Cotton, Flax, Nettle and Broom combined with vegetable substances such as Corn and wood fibers deriving from Birch, Poplar, Willow or Bamboo essences. Environmentally friendly material, compatible and completely degradable.

Fabric: breathability, pleasantness, comfort and safety for human health, a series of tests using methodology that is codified at an international level for a project that has a strong eco-friendly connotation.


  • Determination of aromatic amines (German law 96)
  • Pesticide research using the gas chromatography method
  • Quantitative determination of total metals (nickel, antimony)
  • Surface electrical resistance
  • Colorants conforming to D.M. 05/21/75
  • Uni 9278/88 met. B coeff. transmission of water vapor
  • Uni en iso 9257/97 air permeability
  • Iso 5071/80 Uni 8281/81 – PH of the aqueous extract
  • Uni 8279/84 liquid absorption (basket method)
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